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Apron Day at Jill’s House


One really fun thing about having Founder's Circle in St. George is that I get to see my upline Jill Olsen. She lives about 5 minutes from our hotel and invited us over for lunch and stamping. She showed us how to make these adorable aprons and then surprised us all with one! This is Jill (on the right) with her helpers and daughter in law. They were showing off the aprons for us. Then we got to pick out one for ourselves!


This is my friend Jackie Bolhuis and I showing off our aprons. I just happened to be wearing a pool party colored shirt that matched mine perfectly. These are all made from tea towels and Stampin Up fabrics for the ruffles. Most of the ruffles and accents are made using the Big Shot dies too!






This is me with Jen Jacobsen. We got matching ones! Aren't we adorable? LOL!




This is cutie pie Patty Chenail with me. We found out we are twins separated at birth! Only kidding. We were actually born 3 days apart, we are both math teachers (I am retired though) , we are both sun worshippers who have never heard of sunscreen, and we had tons more stuff in common. It was kind of freaky how alike we are and almost born on the same day!  It is so much fun to meet such awesome friends through Stampin Up. I think Stampin Up demos are the most awesome group of women in the world!


New Class Tutorials Just Added!

I just added several new class tutorials (click the Free Class Tutorial link at the top of the page). These classes are $4.95 or FREE with a $50 or more online purchase! Two of them are great Christmas classes!



This is the Letters to Santa Card Class




and this one is the Over the Top Christmas Card class.


Founder’s Circle Pictures!

Well, I finally have a minute to post a few Founder's Circle pics. I got home late Sunday night and had the most fantabulous time! I did not want to come home! I think they should extend Founder's Circle a couple more days. There is nothing better than being spoiled rotten by the girls at Stampin Up. We were so pampered it was not even funny. I needed it so bad too. My Stampin Up friends are the best in the whole world and I just couldn't get enough hugs all week.  This is me with my friend Sharon Armstrong and Cindy Petersen. I am in the middle and missing an extra 40 pounds!!!!



Here are a few of the fantastic women that took care of us all week…..Kelly Sue, Cori and Jennifer. They were all so sweet and bent over backwards to make sure we had a great time. I love these girls! Check out their cute aprons too!




After we arrived and mingled for a while, we got to sit down to dinner and the table was so fancy…..just like a tea party and we all had place cards at our spots and a tea cup filled with rosebuds.





 Each night when we returned to our rooms, there was  a pillow gift waiting for us. The first night it was this cute box filled with Stampin Up surprises…….





Here is a sneak peek. I can't show you everything because some things are TOP SECRET. You will love them though……


Finally posting Convention pics a month later…..


I have had so much going on that I haven't had time to post pics from the Stampin Up convention which was over a month ago!

This is me with a couple of my fabulous roommates…..Tiffany and Tami! We had so much fun rooming together.



This is me with my other roommate Donna. She is so sweet. She lives in Ohio and is coming to visit me soon. I can't wait! We kept saying we were twins separated at birth because we had so much in common.




This is me with my good friend Tami White. We always have a great time together. She actually earned  #1 demo of the year for all of Stampin Up! That is a huge honor and a lot of hard work.




This is me and my friend Stacey Helm. I met Stacey several years ago at Leadership and hadn't seen her in a while. It is always fun to catch up with old friends. She owns a Bed and Breakfast in Iowa. We both used to be math teachers but gave it up to do something more fun and creative.



This is my fabulous roomie Tiffany. We had such a great time hanging out all week. I miss my girls so much already and it has only been a month. I love going to Stampin Up events to see everyone and just hang with the girls for a few days. It gives you such a good feeling to know that you have friends all over the country to talk to and visit with. I have met a Stampin Up demo in almost every single state in the country. If I ever moved, I think I would always be able to find a friend close by.


Ok, I had to throw in something creative in here. THese are some projects that were on display made using the Stampin Up fabric.

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