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Recipe Swap samples

I hosted a 6 x 6 recipe swap about a month ago and I am finally getting around to posting some of them. The first one is mine and I used the Autumn Spice designer paper and the French Foliage stamp set to do mine. It is for a fabulous pumpkin cheesecake. Here is an easier to read version if you want to try it




Lisa’s Pumpkin Cheesecake

Crust: 1 3/4 c. graham cracker crumbs (about 24 sq)                 

 2 Tbsp sugar, 1/2 c. butter (melted)       

Mix these together and press into bottom of greased 9 in springform pan.  Bake at 325 for 8-10 min. Let cool 15 min.


1/4 c. all purpose flour                                          

5 eggs                           

2 tsp pumpkin pie spice                                      

1 can pumpkin                 

4 pkg (8 oz ) cream cheese                

2/3 c sugar                    

1 c. packed brown sugar

In small bowl, mix flour, pumpkin pie spice, and pumpkin. In large bowl, beat cream cheese until creamy. Gradually beat in sugar and brown sugar til smooth. Beat in eggs on low speed until blended. Gradually beat in pumpkin mixture til smooth. Pour over crust.  Bake 1 hr. 15 min  (at 325) or until center still jiggles slightly when moved. Turn oven off and open door slightly. Leave cheesecake in the oven for 30 more min. Take out and cool. Place in fridge at least 6 hours before serving.


This was was made by my friend and downline Sue Bjorgaard.







This one was made by my friend Mary Anne Grimmer.


Featured demo of the month (part 2)


Here is part 2 of my Featured Demonstrator of the Month post. This month I am spotlighting Debbie Keane, a wonderful demonstrator in my downline. Here is another fabulous project she made. This one is the Fancy Favor bag made using the big shot die. It is decorated with the Artistic Etchings stamp set on pg 125 in the Stampin Up catalog. I love this stamp set!




This one is a 6×6 recipe page. I love this because I have a whole 6×6 scrapbook to put these recipes in. They make great gifts, especially at Christmas!




I think this is my favorite thing that she made because it was so creative! She used the eyelet border punch and then hung mini cards from it and it says " Lisa's Cards" on the top. This is Totally Tess instead of me…..that waist is definitely too small to be mine! LOL! It kind of reminds me of Barbie's figure.







Here is a cute tropical card made with the Tropical Party stamp set in the summer mini catalog.





This is a really cute box with little mini note cards and envelopes inside. This would also be a great gift idea.






Here is a view of the inside of the box.  Debbie used the same Tropical Party stamp set for this project too.


Last batch of these recipes….

I hope you all can take one more batch of these recipes. I still have about half of them left but I am getting tired of posting them. On to something else tomorrow. This one was made by my friend Lorrie. At first I was like "where is the recipe?" but if you scroll down to the next picture, you can see that it is hidden in the chimney….very cute idea!




Here is the recipe peeking out from behind the roof.










This one was made by my upline Faith. She used the photo corner punch to make the tree on the side. I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of these cute recipe swaps I got. Tomorrow will be something totally different….like maybe a sneak peek from the new Occasions mini!!!


A few more recipes…..

This first one was made by one of my customers, Kim Andrews. Nice job Kim! These rolls are super good too. I sometimes substitute Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for the biscuits and make them pretty much the same way except I pour melted butter (about 1/2 stick) on them before they go in the oven and  then use the icing that comes with it on top when they come out. You will be in a sugar coma all day.





This one was made by another customer, Kathie Espinoza. She did a great job on this one too.







This last one was made by one of my downline, Mona Bleecker. These rolls sound yummy too.


Christmas recipes anyone?

Here are some more of my fabulous recipe swaps! I think these all were so fabulous! II can't wait to try some of these recipes. This one was made by my friend Gina Dygert. SHe made the gingerbread man out of punches! How cute is that? The holly leaves are also done with punches. I think it is the oval punch and then you take it and punch out little arcs around the edge using the oval punch again.

This one is mine! I actually got this recipe from my friend Cyndi a few years ago and I have been making it ever since. It is great. I love Christmas because I make all of these good treats that I never have all year long. It is like Edy's peppermint ice cream! That is one of my favorites but you can only get it during November and December if you are lucky. Our grocery store sells out of it as soon as they get it in. That and egg nog should be available year round!


This one was made by my friend Norma Jones. She is the one who did that stromboli one a couple days back too. Her snowman is also made out of punches.  How do people come up with these ideas?? Maybe if I had more time, I could too!

I make a cookie similar to this but we call them Mexican wedding cookies. They are a favorite!


More Christmas Recipes….

Here are some more of the recipes from my swap. This one was made by my good friend Debbie Wilson. I haven't tried this recipe but I have heard from several other friends that it is fabulous so I included a close up of the recipe. I love the Build a Bear dressed in our Christmas Cocoa designer paper.












This recipe is from my friend and downline Sandy Alexander. I have had this and it is yummy! I think you can see it from the photo, but if you have a question, just email me.

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Christmas Recipe Swaps!



I just hosted another recipe swap and this one had to be a Christmas Recipe! I got some awesome ones that I will be posting in the next couple of weeks. This one was made by my friend Norma Jones and I am including a close up of the recipe in case you want to try it. She brought this over one day and it was sooooo good! I can't wait to make it myself. These recipes make great Christmas gifts. You can put them all in a 6×6 album and give it to someone who will treasure it always.





Here is the close up of the recipe…yummmmm.








This one was made by my good friend and customer Missy Andrews. She was a lifesaver and helped me sort them all out too. Her recipe slides in and out of the pocket too. Can you see it sparkling?? That is the cool shimmer paint spray we have been playing around with lately.



Here is a close up of the recipe. The light was casting a shadow when I was trying to take these pictures.

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Just a few more 6×6 recipe swaps!


 I just had to share a couple more of the recipe swaps. They were so good it was really hard to pick which ones to post. This one was made by my friend Missy Andrews. She is not a demonstrator yet but she should be! SHe is so creative and talented. I love how she made the lattice top on the pie.  I think she would make a great Stampin Up demonstrator. 


This one was made by my downline Niccole Marshall. She did a great job on this one too. The Tart and Tangy set is perfect for any kind of fruit recipe.







 This recipe was done by my friend and customer Jean Baynor. She didn't have time to do the swap but made me one so I could have the recipe. She is so sweet and another one of my very talented customers. I thought this one was just gorgeous.  If you like all of these swaps, please leave some comments and let the girls know what you think.

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More Recipe swaps!


Here are some more of the 6×6 recipe swaps I did with my customers and downline.



This one was made by one of my wonderful downline, Kelly Hogge. She did a great job!









This one was made by another one of my downline, Debbie Keane. There seems to be a Tart and Tangy theme going on here!











This one was created by one of my talented customers, Kim Andrews. She also did a fabulous job! I just can’t wait to try out all of these recipes.

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A couple more recipe swaps!

Here are just a few more of the great 6 x 6 recipe swaps I did with my downline and friends.





The first one was made by one of my newest downline, Brenda Turner. She has been a customer forever and I finally got her to sign up. She is a great stamper.









This one was made by my friend Debbie Wilson. She always does a fabulous job and this was no exception. I love this Just Buzzin’ By set.






This one was made by my fabulous downline Pam Browne. She is also a natural stamper and so creative. She does a fabulous job on every challenge I give her. I love how she made the coffee cup out of punches.

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