Paper saving template for matchbox die

Paper saving template for matchbox die!


Hey everyone,
I just got my new matchbox die from the Occasions mini and went to use it like all the other XL ones and cut my 12×12 DSP in half and guess what? It was too short.  So, then I got my ruler out and measured and each piece needs to be approx. 5 1/2 by 6 1/2 and I was like "wow,that is a bummer for cutting". So, at first I cut the 12×12 at 6 1/2 and got 2 pieces out of that and then one more from the leftovers but I started thinking that I could somehow make it work to get 4 pieces out of 1 sheet and I did it! ( I used to be a math teacher).  I took the back piece from a pack of DSP  to make my template. I used my ruler to draw a pencil line 5 1/2 inches in from each side and you should end up with a square in the center. Using your ruler as a guide, cut the square out of the center with the craft knife. Then this is your template from now on. Each time you want to cut a piece, simply put it on top of your 12×12 paper and trace the inside of your square, Now lay the paper on your cutter and cut to the bottom left edge of each side of your square. I practiced on a piece of cardstock to see how easy it was and it literally took me about 1 minute from start to finish. Once you get the hang of it, it is super easy and will save you a bunch of paper if you are doing it for a class. Your pieces do not have to be perfect either because you have a little room around the edge of each die to work with. I hope this makes sense. Here are the pictures of the template and the finished cut one ( I practiced on scrap paper that I wasn’t going to use before I tried it on the good stuff!)…..
In case these directions have you totally confused, my friend Patty Bennett made a step by step video that shows exactly how I did it, so go check it out here …..
And here is the finished product with the Parisian Breeze paper and some Ghirardelli chocolates inside…..yum.

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