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Check out this cool purse!



One of my friends and downline (Melissa Carr) made me this adorable purse! Isn't that so sweet!! I just love it! Melissa was my featured demo of the month this month and she is such a great seamstress. She is whipping these purses out like crazy.


Gift from a friend!

My awesome downline and friend Melissa Carr made this adorable purse for me! She is a super quilter and crafter and took a class on how to make these purses and I just loved the one she made. She was so sweet and made me one too with my favorite colors! Anyone who knows me knows that I love pink and brown together. Thanks Melissa! I love it!


More quilt purses from my downline


I have been showing my downline the quilt bags that  I have been making and several of them came over and made some at my house. A few girls couldn't come and made some on their own so I finally got some pictures of them with their bags last night at my downline meeting. Everyone is loving these bags and they are so much fun to make. Here is Sandy with her cute bag.








Here is Melissa with 2 of the bags she has made. She is definitely the seamstress in the group. She made the giant bag that has I think 66 squares total in it. That is a lot of sewing. She said she could fit several beach towels in it so it is a great beach bag. I think it would be great for a teacher bag or a mommy bag to carry diapers and all that in.









And here is Pam with her cute bag. I love the pink and green together.


More Quilt Purses!

Here are my latest  quilt purses. I figured while I had the sewing machine out, I would make a few more. I just wish I had some artichoke colored ribbon for the handles on these. I used the vanilla wide grosgrain for these handles and the burgundy wide grosgrain for the flower pin center. These purses are all made with the Stampin Up scallop square die and the flower folds die. The Big Shot makes it so easy to whip these together in no time.





Here are the smaller ones. I really like this size though.




















Here is a close up of the flower pin. I made these separately and just pinned them to the bags so the person I give them too can put them on other things if they want to.

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More quilt purses!


Yesterday I had some of my downline over to make the quilt purses using the scallop square die in the big shot. We had so much fun making them but I forgot to take pictures until the very end and Brenda was the only one still here. So, here is my downline Brenda. She made a Valentine bag for her little granddaughter. It was so cute.



I made 3 bags throughout the day and here is the biggest one. I just love these colors together.







Here are the 2 smaller bags……







I made flower pins using the flower folds die (big shot) for all of the bags this time too. It was a great day. I made 3 more bags today too. I will post them tomorrow. I wish there were more hours in the day so I could stamp and sew all day!


And More Quilt Purses!


Here are the 2nd batch of purses that I made. I love this brown fabric. It is so yummy! I haven't tried washing any of these yet to get that shabby chic look but I might try it after I get back from Leadership. This is the bag I am taking to Leadership in case any of you see me there. THese are so easy to make with the Stampin Up Big SHot! It goes through 8 layers of fabric at a time.





Here is a close up of the flower pin on the front.










Here are a couple of the 2×2 size ones.


More Quilt Purses!



Ok, I am addicted to making these quilt bags. I just wish I had a room that I could keep my sewing machine up in because it is taking over my stamp room! I made a larger bag (in top photo) that is 3 x 3 squares on each side and then the regular size of 2 x 3 squares on each side.





I cut out all of the scalloped squares using the Stampin UP big shot!  I started making the flower pins (also made using the Big Shot die cutting machine) to go on the front too. I think they really make it look cute.







This one is a 2×2 size I made for a good friend of mine. I hope she likes it!









Here is a close up of the flower pin.










THis is a sneak peek of what I am going to show you tomorrow!! I made some brown ones that are just so yummy!


Big Shot Quilt Purses! Oh my!

Today my friend Sam came over and showed me how to make those quilt purses that Angie Juda posted a while back. Oh my gosh!!! They are so much fun to make! I had so much fun that I made 3 of them today and I am going back to the fabric store tomorrow so I can make more! They are pretty easy after you make one especially if you have a helper.

This is my first one and after I finished I realized I had put 3 of the same pattern in a row around the side but that is ok.




The next one I made for a good friend of mine. I hope she loves it!  The fabric is the same on both of these but I took one picture with the flash and one without and the 2nd picture is actually more true to color. The colors were close to our regal rose and sage shadow. I used the Stampin Up ribbon for the handles. It is way easier than making the handles. I wanted to put flowers on them but I ran out of fabric so if I can get more of the same I will attempt that tomorrow. We cut all of the scallop squares out with the Big Shot and then made little mini quilts out of each square and sewed them together. They look so much cuter in person! I wish you all could see them.



My friend Sam made this one for me just because she is a sweetheart. She made it for me to take to Leadership to put my swaps in. How cool is that?

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