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Convention Friends




I have met some of my greatest friends through Stampin Up and I so look forward to seeing them at Stampin Up events every year. This is my awesome friend Donna who was also one of my roommates. She is so much fun and had us cracking up every minute.





These are all of my roomies from this year. Tiffany and I are in the back and Donna and Anna in the front. We had so much fun. I hated to have to come home.






This is me with my good friend Tami White.






Here are Tiffany and I waiting for General Session to begin. The lighting isn't the greatest in this one but I thought it was a pretty good picture.


A Day with Susan!

Every year when I go to Founder's Circle I get to spend a day with my friend Susan Adams and several other girls. It is always such a treat because Susan is such an amazing stamper and quilter. She has her own quilting machine! Her stamp room is incredible. I wish I could just move in with her. You can literally stay all day and not see everything. 



This is one of the many displays she has out. I loved this Christmas stocking banner. She made it with the Big Shot stocking die and felt material. You can either sew the edges or use a hot glue gun. Then hang it from a piece of our striped grosgrain ribbon.



Here is a close up of one of the stockings. The alphabet is also a set of Big Shot dies. Sprinkle a little glitter on top to make it sparkle.




This version is made out of cardstock. Same basic concept just with paper instead of the fabric. No sewing involved! These are attached to the ribbon using twist ties. How clever!





This one is a placemat that Susan decorated using our Stampin Up Holly Berry Bouquet fabric found on pg  22 in the Holiday mini.


Founder’s Circle Pictures!

Well, I finally have a minute to post a few Founder's Circle pics. I got home late Sunday night and had the most fantabulous time! I did not want to come home! I think they should extend Founder's Circle a couple more days. There is nothing better than being spoiled rotten by the girls at Stampin Up. We were so pampered it was not even funny. I needed it so bad too. My Stampin Up friends are the best in the whole world and I just couldn't get enough hugs all week.  This is me with my friend Sharon Armstrong and Cindy Petersen. I am in the middle and missing an extra 40 pounds!!!!



Here are a few of the fantastic women that took care of us all week…..Kelly Sue, Cori and Jennifer. They were all so sweet and bent over backwards to make sure we had a great time. I love these girls! Check out their cute aprons too!




After we arrived and mingled for a while, we got to sit down to dinner and the table was so fancy…..just like a tea party and we all had place cards at our spots and a tea cup filled with rosebuds.





 Each night when we returned to our rooms, there was  a pillow gift waiting for us. The first night it was this cute box filled with Stampin Up surprises…….





Here is a sneak peek. I can't show you everything because some things are TOP SECRET. You will love them though……


Finally posting Convention pics a month later…..


I have had so much going on that I haven't had time to post pics from the Stampin Up convention which was over a month ago!

This is me with a couple of my fabulous roommates…..Tiffany and Tami! We had so much fun rooming together.



This is me with my other roommate Donna. She is so sweet. She lives in Ohio and is coming to visit me soon. I can't wait! We kept saying we were twins separated at birth because we had so much in common.




This is me with my good friend Tami White. We always have a great time together. She actually earned  #1 demo of the year for all of Stampin Up! That is a huge honor and a lot of hard work.




This is me and my friend Stacey Helm. I met Stacey several years ago at Leadership and hadn't seen her in a while. It is always fun to catch up with old friends. She owns a Bed and Breakfast in Iowa. We both used to be math teachers but gave it up to do something more fun and creative.



This is my fabulous roomie Tiffany. We had such a great time hanging out all week. I miss my girls so much already and it has only been a month. I love going to Stampin Up events to see everyone and just hang with the girls for a few days. It gives you such a good feeling to know that you have friends all over the country to talk to and visit with. I have met a Stampin Up demo in almost every single state in the country. If I ever moved, I think I would always be able to find a friend close by.


Ok, I had to throw in something creative in here. THese are some projects that were on display made using the Stampin Up fabric.


More from Leadership….


Here are a few pictures of the display boards that I really liked. THe first one is a gorgeous scrapbook page of Shelli (founder of Stampin Up) and her husband Sterling. It uses my new favorite stamp set Nature's Walk from the Occasions mini. I think anything Shelli makes is simply gorgeous. She does a lot of vintage type stamping which is my favorite.



This one is the American flag made out of our new vintage flower adornments also found in the Stampin Up occasions mini on pg 15. You get 24 of them for only $5.95 and they come in rose red, baja breeze and vanilla. They totally make a card extra special.




This one I thought was so clever. They used our butterfly embosslit from the big catalog and punched them out of all different papers and made a shadow box type display with them. No actual  butterflies were harmed in making this project even though they do look real!




This is a cute card that my friend Cindy got as a swap. I am not sure who made it. I was just taking pics of my favorite cards in her stash. This one was made using the new cupcake set and punch in the Occasions mini. The swaps this year were super. I was very happy with the ones I received and I will be posting some of them soon.



Here are me and my roommate (and downline) Debbie. This was at the Irish Pub on our last night. We had a great time but it just went by so fast. The best part of all these Stampin Up events is spending time with all my friends. I miss them all so much when we have to go home. 


Leadership Pics!

I finally got a minute to download some pics from Leadership! I have been trying to catch up from being gone and I am pooped!

This year's Leadership conference was in Nashville and it was so much fun. I love going to see all the great things that Stampin Up has planned for us but more than anything else,  I love spending time with my friends from all over the country that I don't get to see very often.

This is a pic from inside the Gaylord Opryland hotel where we stayed. It was GORGEOUS! and so big. I think it was by far the biggest hotel I have ever been in.


Our first night out was Manager's Reception at the Wild Horse Saloon. It was really fun. Stampin Up reserved the whole place for us and we had dinner, line dancing and socializing. I am best at the socializing and eating. I am definitely not a dancer. These are just a few pics of me and some friends (BJ, Cheryl and Leasa).





That is me and BJ.





This is Leasa, me and Cheryl. I had to keep my hat on since I wore it long enough to get hat head…no taking it off after that. Stampin Up gave everyone the cowboy hats.  They even decorated them with our ribbon and antique brads. You can't see them because my head is not tilted down enough.


This is all of us at the Leadership conference. Tami's flight was delayed because of snow in Boston and she had just joined us.




This is us at dinner at the Irish Pub on our last night. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone.






This is all of us with some of our downline too. My downwline is Debbie in the back row, 2nd from left. This was her first leadership and she had a great time.




Ok, so I had to throw in something that had to do with stamping so here is a really cute bag that someone had made using the Stampin Up designer fabric collection. I just loved it! I wish I could make something this pretty but I am just not that talented in the sewing dept.


Christmas Get Together…..


Earlier this month I had some of my downline over for a Christmas stamping get together and potluck dinner. It was so much fun. We had a pretty small group since everyone is so busy this time of year but that made it even more special for the ones who did get to come.




After we ate an awesome dinner,  we did a gift exchange. There were some awesome gifts. Here are a few of  the pictures. Here are Cyndi and Brenda showing off their presents.






Cyndi got a blanket and stamped necklace.






Brenda got a handmade bag and jar of goodies wrapped in a handmade fabric decoration. These were hand sewn using our Deck the Halls fabric from the Holiday mini.






This is Liz showing off her wreath.






This is Kelly showing off the gifts that she received. I made these. The bag on the left is a sandwich type bag that I decorated and filled with chocolate and the gift on the right is a piece of framed art. 





Rachelle received this gorgeous frame that Kelly made by doing the stencil embossing on there. Kelly came over yesterday and showed us how to make these. I will post mine later.



After the gift exchange, I had a few projects for the girls to make.   We did  those cute notepad holders using the DVD cases that Stampin Up sells. Each girl got to personalize their own.  Then we made those cute Hershey bar  holders. I will post a close up view of that tomorrow. We also made a CHristmas card. I gave all of the girls little gifts too including  a bag of my famous Christmas candy. 


More Founder’s Circle Friends!

 I meant to post these pics a while ago but somehow they got lost in the shuffle. This was a really fun night out at the Pizza Factory in St. George with a bunch of awesome friends. In this first picture is Susan Adams, Tami White and me.





Here are Kimberly Van Diepen and Joyce Feraco.







This is me and Kimberly in our favorite pose.







Here are Christie Daugherty, me and Cindy Petersen.




This one is Christie, Cindy and Lisa Fast.  I think my favorite part of any Stampin Up event is spending time with my friends. I miss them so much! At least I will get to see most of them in January at Leadership in Nashville!





Ok, so I had to throw a card in here too. This cute card was made by one of my talented downline, Rachelle Escalanti.



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Sneak Peek from Founder’s Circle….



The whole week of Founder's Circle was a 50's theme and our awesome Stampin Up staff was so cute. The whole gathering place where we hung out was designed like a soda shop. These are just a few of the girls who took care of us and pampered us all week. We all loved them so much. I wanted to bring them home with me! What a shock it was to come home and not have someone fix all of my meals and clean my room every day and give me presents all day long…..I didn't want it to end.


For the first time ever, Stampin Up put us in teams of 8 so you could get to know some of the new people that you might not have met otherwise. I had an awesome team and you can see our fabulous cheer if you scroll down a couple of days. We were called the DSP's (for designer series paper). THe glasses were part of that 50's theme too. Our placemats were old album covers.


This is my friend Christie…..she participated in a quilt square swap with a few other girls and they were so awesome! I wish I was better at sewing so I could have gotten in on it. These are all made with our Stampin UP  Big Shot dies.





Every night of Founder's Circle, Stampin Up gets the hotel staff to leave us pillow gifts so when you go back to your room after dinner each night, you get a nice surprise. This was the first night's gift…….THey were all packaged in cute containers.




Here is what it looked like inside…..I can't show you what is in the box because it is stuff from the new Occasions mini which doesn't come out til January but I can give you some hints……




Do you see anything new here???? Like a new cupcake set and matching punch???? How cool is that? You will flip when you see the punch. It is similar to the owl punch with all the matching pieces. It is going to be a MUST HAVE ITEM!!!!




Here is another cute sample with the same set and punch……LOVE IT!!!!

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Founder’s Circle pics




When we first arrived at Founder's Circle, we walked into this treat filled room. Everywhere you looked was candy and treats…..yummmm.




Each day we got different treats too. There was a chocolate surprise and a bakery surprise. The first day was caramel apples and some chocolates with nuts I think.








Here is a close up of some of the apples…..they were so good. We each got our own and they cut it up for us.






This was another day when we got sweet rolls. Some of the other treats included doughnuts, fresh baked cookies, and lots more. Can you tell this week revolved around food?




Here is my awesome friend Cindy Petersen. I just love her to death. She is so much fun to hang out with. I wish she didn't live so dang far from me. If you watch the cheering videos, she is the one who does a back flip… was amazing.





This is another one of my great friends……Tami White. We had a lot of fun hanging out last week. I already miss everyone so much! I will try to post more pics tomorrow.

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