A couple more pics from convention

This was one of my favorite pics from convention. This is me and my friends Cindy and Christie on awards night. Awards night is always a lot of fun. You get to see all of your friends and then find out what # you are in the company if you are lucky enough to earn Founder's Circle (top 100). They start at #100 and count down to #1 so it is so exciting when they call your name. You don't find out what number you are til that moment. I was #23 this year which I was really happy about. Of course #1 would have been better but my good friend Kimberly Van Diepen got that honor and she really deserved it. Maybe next year…..


This is my roommate Tiffany, me and my good friend Tami. Shelli had just announced that she was giving everyone there a big pack of Holiday mini items! Everyone started screaming and dancing like we had all just won a million dollars! The cool thing was these items were not available to order yet so those of us at convention were the only ones who got them ahead of time.

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