Cute Cheering Video from Founder’s Circle

I just got home from Founder's Circle a couple days ago and still haven't had a chance to upload pictures. Too much to catch up on first! Anyway, one of the things we did at Founder's on our last day was a huge Wii Bowling tournament and we were split into teams of 8. After the bowling, we had to come up with a cheer that had to do with our group name. Our group was the DSP's (Designer Series Paper) so our cheer had to do with that. My friend Caroline taped them all and posted them on youtube. Here is my group. See if you can find me! LOL!. After you watch it, you should be able to see some of the other groups too. They are all really cute. If you only knew how nervous I was getting up and doing that in front of everyone!


10 thoughts on “Cute Cheering Video from Founder’s Circle”

  1. Too cute! I can't imagine why you'd be nervous all those ladies are your FRIENDS!!!
    Miss ya much, Mary

  2. A lot of hip action going on there!!!!  Your group did an awesome job.  I watched them all.  What fun.  

  3. Move over "Pink Ladies" from greased lightening, here comes Lisa and the "Pink SU Cheerleaders".  lol you were adorable.

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