Featured Demo of the Month part 2




Here is part 2 of my featured demo of the month post. This month I am showcasing my downline  Liz Velazquez . She made so many cute things I wanted to show them all. This first project opens up and holds a gift card inside…..really adorable!



This card is so cool. I didn't know how she did it so she had to explain it to me. She used melted crayons (touch the tip of the crayon to a hot iron) and then rubbed it on the glossy cardstock. Here is a tutorial if you want to see how it is done.  I will have to try that one sometime! Use a craft iron though so you don't mess up your good one!



This is one of our adorable mini file envelopes. I LOVE these and I am so bummed they are retiring! Liz decorated it with a tropical look and more Thoroughly Modern designer paper. This is the front view.




This is the back view. More flowers and paper….





Here is what it looks like inside with all the dividers….






This last project is a 2-for 1 special. You get a cute box, then when you open it up……





There is a beautiful butterfly pin inside. How cool is that?






Here is a close up of the pretty pin. She made it by layering several sheets of paper together and then gluing them with modge podge to make it extra thick and sturdy. I love it! Thanks Liz for making such awesome projects! You did a great job! To see more of Liz's projects, scroll back a few days to part 1.

5 thoughts on “Featured Demo of the Month part 2”

  1. WOW…Liz!  I knew I was in for a treat after seeing Part 1!  I REALLY like the melted crayon card…it's gorgeous!  Great Job and congrats again on becoming "famous" on Lisa's blog!  When my 6 year old Colin saw me for the first time on Lisa's blog, he said, "WOW mom, your famous now cause your picture is on the computer!"  It was priceless!

  2. Liz, these are awesome!  You did a great job and I love that you used such unusual techniques.  The butterfly pin is beautiful.

  3. Great projects!  The crayon one definately caught my attention.  I will have to try that.  Imagine the possibilites for fall, Christmas. . .

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