Lindsey’s Ring Dance pics





Last night Lindsey had her Ring dance which is kind of like Jr. Prom and they get their class rings. Here are some pics of her getting ready to leave…..

Here she is coming down the stairs in her gorgeous dress.












Lindsey loves posing for pictures….she is a natural! I may be prejudiced though since I am her mom.












I just love this dress!














Here are a couple of Lindsey and her boyfriend Marco.
















Can you tell this girl loves to pose?















Getting ready to leave with Lindsey sticking out of the sunroof of the limo.

10 thoughts on “Lindsey’s Ring Dance pics”

  1. She is absolutely GORGEOUS. She looks too good in that dress. I am surprised you let her out of the house. LOL. You may be biased, but you are right. She's a beautiful girl.

  2. Lindsay looks so beautiful.  I can tell she gets her good looks from her mama!  I hope she had a good time.

  3. She's so lovely – looks a lot like you.  WOW what a dress – wonderful colors on her.  I know you're proud.

  4. What a lovely daughter you have.  Sure brings back memories-mine is now 41!!  It was only yesterday!  Enjoy every moment of these special times with her.  It goes too fast!

  5. Janet Swofford

    Lindsey is so beautiful! I just love her dress. She looks like you! I'm sure you are so proud. Enjoy the high school years. They go by so fast! Our daughter(our youngest) is a freshman and our son is a senior in college this year. I can't believe they grew up so fast. Where did the time go?
    Thanks for sharing.
    Inky hugs,

  6. Beautiful daughter!!  She truly looks like she is enjoying life and that's what it's all about.  Thanks for sharing.  Mary Jo

  7. Lisa…
    Lindsey has grown to be a beautiful girl/young woman!!!  I know you & Chris are so proud of her.  She looks like she's enjoying being a teenager… Thanks for sharing!

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