More pics from Regionals!


Here I am with Debbie Naylor. She is another one of my Founder’s Circle friends and she is so sweet. SHe is also from VA and is one of my sidelines. I love Stampin Up events because I get to see all of my friends from all over the country. Stampin UP demos ROCK! I have met so many awesome friends over the years through SU.















This is one of my FABULOUS downline Sue Bjorgaard.  She is on her way to earning that Stampin Up cruise with me this year! SHe just doesn’t know it yet! I know she can do it!



This is Sue showing off her stamping talents with her guests at Regionals. 









I figured I better throw in a card here with all the people pictures! THis is a card from one of the display boards that were all around the room. I can’t take credit since I didn’t make it. But, I thought it was so pretty I had to take a picture.

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