My Baby left for college!

This was my daughter a couple of weeks ago….all packed and ready to go to college…..CNU (Christopher Newport University here in VA). We could barely see out of the back window because the car was packed so tight. Then we made the long 45 minute drive all the way there….LOL!. It is so close but yet so far away. SHe is living there on campus for all 4 years. It is a gorgeous school. We pulled up to her dorm and the football team was there to great us and unload the car in about 3 minutes flat. They carried everything up to her room while we checked in. How nice is that??

After we got mostly unpacked, she had to make sure she had internet and her laptop worked. Her roommate hadn't shown up yet so we had the room to ourselves. She has a suite with 3 other girls and a bathroom in the middle. It is really a nice set up.




This is a view of most of the room. Her roommates desk and stuff is on the right edge of the photo. I was standing in the bathroom doorway taking the pic.



A couple of years ago I had made a banner for my stamp room that said STAMP on one side and CREATE on the other. So, Lindsey asked me to make her one with her name on it for her dorm room. She picked out the fabric and then we cut all the pieces out using the Big Shot Pennant die. Then I just sewed it all together. She loved it!

Well, it is time for me to say good bye and take one last picture. I cried all the way home……

side note: because of Hurricane Irene, classes were canceled after the 4th day and all the kids were sent home so I got to spend 5 days with her this past week. They were supposed to go back Monday but the school lost power.

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