My first video!


Ok stampers, I finally got up the courage to make a video. Please don’t laugh. I could not get the video camera to be in the right place. I had it on a tripod and I wanted it to be kind of looking over me but that was impossible so I put it next to me and kind of filmed it from the side but the camera was sideways and when I edited it to rotate the picture, it came out like that so I will have to practice some more. I was too tired to do it over again. Anyway, I posted this card a couple of days ago and had several questions about it so I thought I would try the video.

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33 thoughts on “My first video!”

  1. Lisa,

    That was a great video! I love that card and want that set now! How easy and gorgeous! Plus you can see the glitter better in the video than you could in the picture when you first shared it. Thanks for showing how you made the card, awesome job on the video!


  2. Thanks for sharing Lisa, you did a great job, would never have known it was your first video. Love the card.

  3. Yay Lisa!!! That was great!! I loved the card when we did it in club. I though the video was really good for your first one. It was very easy to follow and understand. I am so proud of you! 🙂

  4. Great job on your video, Lisa! I would never guess it was your first! Beutiful, beautiful card! TFS!

  5. Awesome, Lisa!! Loved the video!…and I’m definitely going to give your card a try.
    Way to go — you looked like such a a pro! 🙂

  6. Awesome 1st video Lisa! Almost like being at your house for a class… Thanks for sharing & keep doing the videos!!!

  7. Michelle Langefeld

    Great card. Would make a great SAS…thanks so much for sharing and BTW good job on your first video.

  8. Congrats Lisa on your first video. The card was spectacular and well done. Plus you just enabled me to purchase the stamp set. Thanks Lisa, way to go!! Oh yeah, keep the videos coming, great job!!

  9. Hi Lisa. I’m Impressed!!! Wow, you did a fantastic job. Are you sure this is your first? Amazing… Love it

  10. SUPER!!!!! nobody would have thought this was your 1st video if you would havenot mentioned it.
    Love it :0)
    I hope to see more soon.

  11. GREAT!!!!!!!! video. You got right to the point …
    You need to do more videos… are good at it.
    thanks for sharing :0)

  12. Wow! You did a great job on the video. I missed our last club meeting where the girls made this card. It is great to see exactly how you did it! So easy! Piece of cake! Can’t wait to see your future videos!

  13. Lisa, you did a great job as usual! Never know it was your first video! Looking forward to more of them! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  14. FABULOUS video! You did a great job especially for a first time! I look forward to seeing more of your tutorials on video. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great video, Lisa. You did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing, and look forward to seeing more of your videos!

  16. Super job Lisa! Looking forward to more. This one was fun easy to see and with an easily duplicated project. Can’t get better than that!

    Hugs – Jean

  17. Great job on the video. I would have never guessed it was your first video! Can’t wait for some more videos with great ideas from you!!

  18. Lisa the video was great! Looks like you’re a pro and have been doing for along time. You make it look so easy. Can’t wait for our next class.

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