What I am thankful for…..


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I thought since today is Thanksgiving, I would share what I am thankful for. I received several lovely Thanksgiving cards from some of my customers this year  and this is one of my favorites….It is beautiful on the outside but even more beautiful on the inside because of what was written in there……let me share it with you……

"Dear Lisa,

At this very special time of Thanksgiving, we’re counting our blessings. You’re one of those. Thanks for all of the wonderful things you’ve taught me and the love and joy you’ve given. I’m inspired for the holidays and the new year!"

This is from one of my awesome customers, Judy Whitehead. This card just made my day when I got it and brought tears to my eyes too. That is the power of a handmade card and what is written inside. Heartfelt gifts and sentiments always mean the most to me, and with the country the way it is right now, I am sure more people will be receiving handmade gifts this year, but those are always the most special ones.  I am so blessed and thankful to have such wonderful customers, friends, downline and most of all my husband and daughter. So, that is what I am thankful for this year and every year. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and spend time with your friends and families today.

6 thoughts on “What I am thankful for…..”

  1. Lisa, Thank you for sharing the card with us.
    I want to especially thank you for being there to cheer me up when I’ve gone through some real rough times the last couple of years. I really enjoy going to your house for stamp club and when you allow me to come over for 1-on-1 stamping. Have a very special Thanksgiving this year. I ook foward to seing you soon.
    Bonnie G.

  2. Wow. It’s true … homemade cards are hugs with a fold in the middle. I echo her sentiments, Lisa. Thank you for being one of my blessings, as well. Hugs. -Pam

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    i’m also so greatful for all the wonderful things you’ve taught me…and I’m looking forward to learning sooo much more.

  4. Lisa,
    I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you mean to me! I wish I could put into words how much your friendship and talent has helped warm my life and ease the difficult times. You always have such a beautiful smile to share and your upbeat personality and quickness to share is so refreshing! I always feel so uplifted after sharing time with you. You’re the best!
    Thanks Lisa,
    Brenda T.

  5. I am adding my appreciation to Brenda’s. It is such a joy to sit around your table, creating, bantering, laughing, and learning. Thanks so much for giving that to us. You are special.


  6. Lisa,
    I am Thankful for you and your family as well as my husband, son, friends & family. I have met a lot of great people coming to your house and appreciate all the things that you do. It is great sitting around your table, making great projects with everyone & talking with everyone. To laugh & joke and get the best ideas. Thanks for being one of my greatest blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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