Christmas at the Freeman house…..




I know I have been pretty bad about posting the last week or 2 but I have been spending time with my family. I wanted to post a few Christmas pics that I took. To say that our family likes to cook is an understatement. My husband Chris is the head chef in our family and my daughter Lindsey is taking culinary as an elective this year so she got her dad a chef's uniform as a gift and had it embroidered with "Chef Dad".





My husband and my daughter Lindsey got me a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas but guess who was the first person who got to use it? I think there was an ulterior motive there.  THis is Lindsey making rolls FROM SCRATCH! They were sooooo good too!






This is a picture of them as they were still rising. They smelled so good….nothing like fresh bread baking. She is a perfectionist so she scooped them all out with a mini ice cream scoop to make perfect balls.



Here is my award winning apple pie! Oooooh was it good heated up with ice cream on top. I am the baker in the family and make tons of goodies for all of our friends, family and neighbors. I should have taken pictures of all of the trays I made before I gave them away….3 straight days in the kitchen.





This is my sweet little angel. I only have one more year til she leaves to go to college. I get sad just thinking about it. She is such a sweet girl.

4 thoughts on “Christmas at the Freeman house…..”

  1. You have such a fun family:) Thanks for sharing the pics ! Loved them! But you forgot to mention how we can get on that "goodie tray" list! And I was real good last year too!
    All I Want For Christmas is Some Crack Krispies, Crack Krispies, Crack Kirspies! All I Want For Christmas is Some Crack Krispies and I Will Have A Very Merry Christmas! Ho, Ho, Ho!
    Love those Lisa Crack Krispies:)

  2. Great pictures. You have a wonderful family , but I wonder where is Jake ??
    The food all looks so yummy and I know where I go eat next Christmas ;0) LOL.
    Kids grow up so fast is is scary  and  you have a beatiful daughter inside and out.

  3. Great pictures Lisa but you need to be in them too!  I wish I lived closer so I could sample all your goodies!!  Happy New year!

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