Ok, I am almost done posting Founder’s Circle stuff….

I just have so much fun stuff to share from Founder’s Circle….. I will post some of the swaps starting tomorrow.


Here is another pic from the pajama party. I stole this one off Kimberly’s blog since she hasn’t sent me the originals yet. She is my photographer. That is Dawn Rapsas, me, Christie Schroeger, and Dawn Griffith. We all helped Dawn R. with her swaps and we were covered in glitter from head to toe. We finished them with about 2 minutes to spare.  



This is Cori Hancock and Bonnie Thurber . They both work at Stampin Up and made our trip extra special. They are so much fun.



Here are BJ Peters, Cheryl Flynn, and Tami White. I had so much fun hanging out with them last week.






This was the gathering place where we did our make and takes and just hung out. It was so relaxing in there.






Stampin Up had a huge stash of candy in the gathering place for us. Everytime you went in there, there were tables of candy all around the room so you always had to stop and grab some. This is Tami and Leasa sneaking some…..




 This is our farewell dinner the last night. We went to a country club called The Ledges which was gorgeous. I am in the front row center wearing a black top. If you get a magnifying glass you can see me!


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